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Purple Twinkle Massage Gun

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    1. This massage gun is made from Purple Aviation Aluminum for a luxurious feel.
    2. Four speed levels and each with scientifically calibrated treatment frequency, including a lower speed for users with injury or DOMs and the unique Flow mode.
    3. Four different styles of attachment with varying firmness and shape, precisely engineered to treat every muscle you are targeting.
    4. Lightweight and ultra mini.
    5. Comes with a USB charging port, last up to five hours.
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    1. Dimensions: 122x68x35mm
    2. Weight: 0.7lb / 320 g

Category: massage gun, twinkle


  • The massage gun is quiet. It is 55dB. Customers can experience it in a peace.

  • We provide 4 heads. Different heads suitable for different parts and different strength levels. And it is easily to change the head.

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