10 Best iPhone Cases | Kulör Cases

September 11, 2017

10 Best iPhone Cases | Kulör Cases

A case for your phone is meant to protect your device from scratches and damage. But with the creativity of iPhone case maker, we have some remarkable iPhone cases that don’t just do the job of protection but also bring life to your iPhone with help of the creative designs. Here are the 10 best iPhone cases that we think can change your iPhone game completely.

1. Juice Pack from Mophie

10 Best Iphone Cases | Kulör CasesWhen you first look at it, it is a bulky plain black iPhone case with nothing special. But when you look closely, you’ll see the bottom has a charging port. This iPhone case charges your phone while it’s put on. You can simply recharge the juice pack case like you would normally plug your iPhone.

2. Snap-on from Kulör Cases

10 Best Iphone Cases | Kulör CasesThis isn’t your basic iPhone leather case. This is a stylish piece that adopts the ‘less is more' phenomenon. The simple design is strong and does the job perfectly well. It can be personalized by adding initials, names, monograms and even messages.

3. Apple Leather Case

10 Best Iphone Cases | Kulör CasesWhat better for an iPhone than a case made by the company itself. The Apple iPhone leather case is a high end, luxury case. With smooth leather and sleek design, it’s simplicity is what makes it stand out.

4. Card slots from Ted Baker

10 Best Iphone Cases | Kulör CasesTed Baker has an iPhone case with card holder slots. The back flap can be twisted to form a stand for your iPhone as well. The only designing on it is the ted baker logo.

5. Folio Case from TORU

10 Best Iphone Cases | Kulör CasesThis leather iPhone case comes with magnetic flaps. It has the tendency to work as a horizontal as well as vertical stand for the phone which means you can watch your videos in landscape without having to hold it in your hand. The strap let’s you use it as a carry around case too.

6. Noreve Leather Case

10 Best Iphone Cases | Kulör CasesYet another iPhone leather case with a magnetic closing flap. This iPhone case with card holder has slots on the inside. The leather is smooth and high quality.

7. Apple Silicone Case

10 Best Iphone Cases | Kulör CasesIf leather is not up your street, Apple also makes silicone cases in eleven different colors. They are easy to put on and off. Simplicity is the key here again.

8. Speck Presidio Inked

10 Best Iphone Cases | Kulör CasesIf you are looking for something with more color and design, this is the one. It’s dual layer protects the iPhone from water drops as well. The floral and lunar designs are colorful yet aesthetically pleasing.

9. Case Mate Fringe

10 Best Iphone Cases | Kulör CasesThis designer iPhone case takes it to another level with 3D designing. It is a golden case with actual fringes. It may not be the most practical but is definitely a stylish design. Other designs include leathers and chains too. Rose gold version is also available.

10. Woodline

10 Best Iphone Cases | Kulör CasesMade of wood but lined with Kevlar for water resistance, this case does the job while keeping it stylish. The wooden designs can look classy and sophisticated at the same time.

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