Choosing the Perfect Leather iPhone Case | Kulör Cases

September 05, 2017

Choosing the Perfect Leather iPhone Case | Kulör Cases

Picking the right type of phone case

You splash out on a new iPhone, so why not spending a little more to ensure it doesn’t get wrecked or scratched? This article is meant to guide you in purchasing the perfect leather phone case for your iPhone. When it comes to leather phone cases, there are generally 4 different types that most cases will fall under: sleeves/pouches, snap-on cases, folio/flip cases and hip holsters.

Choosing The Perfect Leather Iphone Case | Kulör CasesPouches: They are ideal for people who like their phones carried individually either in their bags or with a shoulder strap. The main advantage of pouches is that they offer maximum protection when it’s in the pouch. However, the main disadvantage is that they offer zero protection when it’s out of the pouch. If you don't mind having to remove the phone from the pouch every time when you use it, this would be a good and rather stylish solution. (Credit: MaisonNL)


Choosing The Perfect Leather Iphone Case | Kulör CasesSnap-on Cases: These cases offer maximum convenience by offering accurate fit, easy access to the phone and (generally) full access to physical buttons. Cutouts of the case allow access to the lightning port, on/off button and volume button. As most snap-on cases offer accurate fit, they feel slim (apart from rugged ones) when being held and complement the iPhone physical designs very well. (Credit: Kulor Cases)


Choosing The Perfect Leather Iphone Case | Kulör CasesFolio / Flip Cases: These cases offer better protection than the Snap-on cases by having the phone screens protected from scratching. Sometimes there are additional pockets or slots on the flips for money and credit card storage thus making them rather bulky. The flips could be annoying sometimes when you talk on the phone or need quick access to information on the phone (e.g. messages). (Credit: Vaja Cases)


Choosing The Perfect Leather Iphone Case | Kulör CasesHip Holsters: They typically clip to your belt or pants. Like pouches, they offer good protection when the phones are stored in them but zero protection when the phones are taken out. They are good for people who wants to have the phone around them and could be reached for quick access. And in this case, practicality trumps style. (Credit: Case123)


It is difficult to recommend a particular type of phone cases as difference people have different requirements on the level of protection and convenience offered by their phone cases. But once you have decided which type to go for, you should consider the various factors when choosing a leather phone case: 

  • Style and Design
  • Protection
  • Material
  • Durability

These factors are all related to the pricing of the cases and the best ones wont' come cheap!

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