Customized Gift Guide for Him | Kulör Cases

Customized Gift Guide for Him | Kulör Cases

September 14, 2017

Customized Gift Guide for Him | Kulör Cases

Do you have a clumsy boyfriend, husband or dad? Are you looking for the perfect gift for them? Well, how about a customized phone case. It will be sentimental and useful at the same time. They will use it everyday and be reminded of you whenever they have a look at their phone case. Surely, they will be very thankful too for when they will drop their phone next time, your gifted case will protect the screen from shattering.

The thing with customized gifts is that you have full control. You can adjust every basic detail to suit the person’s likings. This is why there is a high chance that your customized iPhone case will be the perfect gift option.

Colors and textures

The first decision is choosing between leather cases, silicone or plastic. You can get iPhone 8 plus / 7 plus cases / iPhone 6/6s plus cases as well as iPhone XiPhone 8 / iPhone 7 / iPhone 6/6s cases customized as you like. There are different textures you can choose. Most of these options are for iPhone leather case. Plastic wouldn’t have varying textures. For leather you have a plain smooth one. There is also a textures one like a crocodile print. The grainy leather has different types as well. Go for a textured grain or a more visible grain. The options are endless.

Talking of endless options, the whole color spectrum is available. From bright orange to a sleek matte black. Choose what you think suits your father’s, husband’s or boyfriend’s style.

Styles and designs

IPhone wallet case is a pretty common design. There are also cases that come in the shape of objects. For example, if it’s a cartoon, it would have bulging ears for a more 3D effect. As for leather, you can mostly only go for different types of wallet types. The variety in this category mostly depends on the iPhone case maker.

For a wallet case you can choose the front flap design. There’s the basic wallet design but you can alter it by varying the length, making it diagonal, etc. The iPhone wallet case can have a plain back side. Or, you can add a card holder slot. A belt loop can be attached for your man to carry around the phone easily. Other options include a zipper or a flap that helps the phone stand; perfect for someone who is a video addict.

Personalized touch

This is the most fun part. Your personalized iPhone X, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus case,  iPhone 7 /7 Plus or iPhone 6 /6 Plus case can have a part that is connected to you two. It could be a picture, an inside joke or even a quote. Maybe you could have their initials or monogram added on the case. It could be a little message as well. For professional feels, get a personalized logo or monogram on the phone case. The creativity is yours. From the color of the stitches to color of the stamping, you can control everything. Your customized iPhone case can look like a designer iPhone case level with your ideas and creativity.

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Customization Guide

Phone Cases

Gold Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Gold Foil
Silver Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Silver Foil
Rose Gold Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Rose Gold Foil
Blind - No Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Blind no foil

Watch Bands

Personalized Apple Watch Band


1. Both blind and foil stampings will appear in the approximate area shown.

2. Letter spacing might differ slightly from the preview due to the fixed width of copper die.

3. Foil is foil, it might come off when it is rubbed against over time.

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