Customized gift guide for Valentine's Day | Kulör Cases

Customized gift guide for Valentine's Day | Kulör Cases

September 25, 2017

Customized gift guide for Valentine's Day | Kulör Cases

Whether your Valentine is your boyfriend or girlfriend or your best friend, February 14th is the perfect time to demonstrate them how much you care. If you’re stumped on what to get your sweetheart, we’ve rounded up some festive gifts that your Valentine is guaranteed to fall in love with. We know it’s hard to come up with a good gift. There are plenty of other websites telling you about how to make your own customized gifts. To be completely honest, they make it look so easy and when you start, whoa! The mess! Not to mention the fact that you don’t have anything of worth there!

Here are a few ideas for you to make a perfect customized gift for your significant other! Like Chandler and Monica decided to celebrate Valentine’s day with “make the presents” for each other. Although read on and your day won’t end like theirs did!

Custom Made Album:

Collect photos of you and your Valentine throughout the years, and organize them in this carved birch and mahogany photo album. It can be engraved with a custom-made message, or each of your initials. Because the birch bark is a natural material, no two books will be exactly alike.

Mosaic photo books are a great gift for your loved one or a friend.

Fashion Accessories:

Is your significant other constantly searching for one-of-a-kind fashion accessories? To create a completely custom, hand painted, leather belt or wallet or even jewelry or cufflinks. From their favorite colors, to a specific motif and preferred-style you have the ability to create a piece that is authentic to their liking.

Personalized iPhone Cases

Picture perfect:

Okay, so this option has two great ideas! Get one or both, totally up to you.

Is your valentine the adventurous type who loves to capture the moment? Or even if they love the great outdoors loving type. You can either get them a full professional DSLR! And if they have one get a leather camera bag. Something that is ruggedly handsome and extremely protective. It will keep cameras, and gadgets, secure throughout all of your adventures together, be they close to home or in the great unknown!

Sculptors and paintings:

Romance is an art, and what better way to make them feel special than by getting a sculpture made to share a heartfelt message or their portrait painted of your loved one.

You could choose lyrics from your special song, a line from a love poem, or an inspirational quote. The intricate design, and innovative construction, makes this piece a keepsake to treasure.

For the painting go with their favorite picture of them or the two of you together! Get it made into a huge portrait.

A love letter:

In this time of technology and gadgets, the art of letter writing has been lost. A personalized hand written letter on scented paper telling you how your significant other feels about you, has to make one’s whole year special! Something they will cherish forever! Write a poem for them, tell them in detail how you feel! Nothing beats a gift along with a lovey dovey letter from the one you love! So this one is a must!

Customization Guide

Phone Cases

Gold Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Gold Foil
Silver Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Silver Foil
Rose Gold Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Rose Gold Foil
Blind - No Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Blind no foil

Watch Bands

Personalized Apple Watch Band


1. Both blind and foil stampings will appear in the approximate area shown.

2. Letter spacing might differ slightly from the preview due to the fixed width of copper die.

3. Foil is foil, it might come off when it is rubbed against over time.

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