How to make Apple iPhone Leather Case less slick or more grippy - Kulör Cases

How to make Apple iPhone Leather Case less slick or more grippy

January 18, 2019

How to make Apple iPhone Leather Case less slick or more grippy-Kulör Cases


A number of our customers have got the official Apple iPhone leather cases but found them to be too slick so they're getting another leather case from us. The reason for leather being slick might be that Apple's supplier has applied a coating on the leather used (e.g. carnauba wax or beeswax).

This slick coating serves two purposes: 1. to keep the product shiny and aesthetically pleasing for the user, 2. to serve as a protective coating against liquid. Leather getting wet is not a good idea, and without a protective coating, it will get watermarks that are difficult to get rid of. 


So why are our cases not as slick as the official Apple leather phone cases?

Because we make our cases with natural top-grain leather, slickness is less of an issue for our products. The natural grains and textures on our leather phone cases actually induce some friction on the surface and make our phone cases more "grippy" for our phone case users.   


Method 1 to Make my Leather Phone Case Less Slick

But if you've already got the official Apple iPhone leather case then there are a number of ways to make the case less slick. One way is to keep using it. The waxy coating will wear off as the case is used and scratches from normal uses will also appear. This process might take a while (a few weeks to months), and since the phone case is still slick, you might break your phone before it becomes grippier. 


Method 2 to Make my Leather Phone Case Less Slick

Another way to solve this issue it is to apply some leather conditioner on the leather phone case. Most leather conditioners are oil based and oil will affect leather in 3 ways:

1) it will help the leather age with some darker patina,

2) it will revive dried out leather, and

3) it will shorten the leather break-in period and make the leather less slippery. 


How about Getting a Different Case

If you still found the official Apple leather case to be too slick, you can check out our leather phone cases. As mentioned above, we use top-grain leather for our cases so they're not slick in your hands. At the same time, our cases are stylishly sleek and can be held in your hand effortlessly. We also provide free worldwide shipping and personalization service.




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