iPhone XI, iPhone XI Plus and iPhone 9 (?)

August 06, 2018

iPhone XI, iPhone XI Plus and iPhone 9 (?)-Kulör Cases

Apple will reveal their new 2018 iPhone lineup in a month or so. A while ago, Bloomberg reported that Apple will be introducing three new iPhone handsets :

  • A plus-sized iPhone with 6.5-inch OLED display and codename D33 (let's call it iPhone XI Plus for now)
  • An updated version of iPhone X and codename D32 (how about iPhone XI?)
  • A cheaper iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD display (iPhone 9?)

Even though we do not yet know how Apple is going to name their new iPhones, we have already received the dimensions and exterior design so these phones cases will be ready by the time Apple officially launches them!

We are making a few demo cases for the new iPhone XI and iPhone 9 now and we will be post pictures of them in the next few days. Stay tuned!


Picture credit: KGI Research

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