Leather cases for iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Plus/Max and iPhone Xr

August 25, 2018

Leather cases for iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Plus/Max and iPhone Xr-Kulör Cases


We have been experimenting with a number of engineering samples of our leather cases for the new iPhones. And in case you're the type who likes to plan ahead (waaaaay ahead), here's some information that could help you decide when you buy a leather case for your iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Plus/Max or iPhone 9.

First off is the next generation iPhone X (aka iPhone Xs, iPhone 11, iPhone X2 or just plain iPhone). The dimensions of iPhone Xs are exactly the same (or very very close) with all the buttons and camera layouts in the same locations. So if you're going to get an iPhone Xs, you can simply buy a leather iPhone X case and it will fit like a glove. 

Next up is the larger iPhone Xs (aka iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs Plus, iPhone 11 Plus, iPhone X2 Plus or just plain iPhone X Plus). The dimensions of this iPhone Xs Plus are very similar to the current iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. In fact, when we place the engineering case sample into our leather iPhone 7 Plus case packaging, it just fits perfectly. However, given the difference in the camera layout, you cannot reuse your leather iPhone 8 Plus case to fit onto iPhone Xs Plus. You will have to buy a new leather iPhone Xs Max/Plus case

Last but not least, Apple will introduce a 3rd phone which has lesser specifications than the aforementioned iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus/Max but comes with more affordable prices. The size of it will be in between iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max and it will come with only one rear camera instead of the dual-cam setup of iPhone Xs'. Nobody knows the name of the phone yet but it is likely to be called the iPhone Xr for now. When we place the leather iPhone 9 case into the packaging for iPhone 7 Plus case, the width is just a bit shorter (probably less than 5mm) than the iPhone 7 Plus but also 1cm shorter in length than the iPhone 7 Plus. So if you're getting the iPhone Xr, you will also have to buy a new leather iPhone Xr case.


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