Making Monogram Leather Phone Case | Kulör Cases

Making Monogram Leather Phone Case | Kulör Cases

July 24, 2018

Making Monogram Leather Phone Case | Kulör Cases-Kulör Cases


Many times its the little details that make a big difference and monograms could be that little detail for your phone case. 

A leather phone case could be monogrammed by leather embossing (technically it's really debossing) or leather engraving. The two methods can be easily distinguished: a) leather debossing makes a compressed mark on the leather with or without foil and b) leather engraving removes certain amount of leather by carving or cutting. At Kulor Cases, we use the leather embossing process to personalize the monogrammed leather phone cases.

Leather debossing can be done using a manual foil stamping machine for low-volume jobs or an air-powered machine for high volume commercial operations. Due to the unique nature of each custom monogrammed phone case order, we use manual foil stamping machines to personalize the monograms. You can find out more on our leather phone case personalization service. 



As for leather engraving, either leather carving hand tools or laser engraving machines are used to cut and scrap leather. Nowaday, most leather engraving are done by laser as laser beams are very clean and precise when they melt the surface of the leather and they seal edges as they go. Compared to hand engraving, they get the job done much faster and they do not make mistakes as the laser beams are automatically guided by computers. We will introduce laser engraving service with future launch of new monogrammed phone case collections

The two methods of personalizing a leather phone case are very straight forward and they have been used by leather craftsmen for hundreds of years. But to master the art of personalizing phone cases that are made with different leather materials, different monogram designs and different metallic dies would require years of apprenticeship and hard work.


Customization Guide

Phone Cases

Gold Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Gold Foil
Silver Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Silver Foil
Rose Gold Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Rose Gold Foil
Blind - No Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Blind no foil

Watch Bands

Personalized Apple Watch Band


1. Both blind and foil stampings will appear in the approximate area shown.

2. Letter spacing might differ slightly from the preview due to the fixed width of copper die.

3. Foil is foil, it might come off when it is rubbed against over time.

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