The best leather phone case for iPhone 10r - Kulör Cases

The best leather phone case for iPhone 10r

April 25, 2019

The best leather phone case for iPhone 10r-Kulör Cases


Do you have that insecure feeling when you realize you left your phone at home? Yeah, you know that feeling like you're suddenly disconnected from the world. The iPhone has become essential in our daily lives. We use it to set our alarm clock, to communicate with friends and family on Whatsapp or messenger, listen to music on Spotify, read news, check our emails, and use the camera to take selfies or photos of precious moments.

If you have recently upgraded to the iPhone 10r, congratulations, you've got one of the most advanced phones one could get. How about investing in a leather case that would help protect your new investment? A quality leather case not only protects your phone, it is a practical material choice that also reflects your personal taste. Kulör Cases provides a line of quality leather iPhone 10r cases that are soft to touch and uniquely personal. 

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We believe leather cases should be fun and colorful. Our iPhone 10r leather cases are available in different colors and combinations. We also provide personalization service to help you make your case personally unique. Our cases are designed with a unique two tone design that complement any personalization beautifully. And we use the traditional copper die sets and hot-stamping machine to emboss your luxury 10r case to give it a stylish and classy look.


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Kulör Cases are different from the plastic and faux leather cases in the market. Our craftsmen handmade each leather phone case and we only use soft and supple top-grain leather for our cases. Top-grain leather preserves the natural grains and textures of the cowhide we use. And because of these natural characteristics, our cases are easy to grip and soft to touch. The iPhone 10r case is made specifically for iPhone 10 and it will fit your new phone like a glove. 

Customization Guide

Phone Cases

Gold Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Gold Foil
Silver Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Silver Foil
Rose Gold Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Rose Gold Foil
Blind - No Foil Custom Monogram Phone Case - Blind no foil

Watch Bands

Personalized Apple Watch Band


1. Both blind and foil stampings will appear in the approximate area shown.

2. Letter spacing might differ slightly from the preview due to the fixed width of copper die.

3. Foil is foil, it might come off when it is rubbed against over time.

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